What are the necessary conditions for parallel operation of alternators on ship? | Synchronization of Alternators

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The main objective behind connecting multiple alternators in parallel is to meet the demand because a single alternator cannot supply such a high amount of power on a ship

Also, the operating power cost is reduced as during low load multiple alternators can be shut down while some can work at full load and load supply can be increased with high efficiency.

The necessary conditions for parallel operation of alternators on the ship are:

  1. The phase sequence of the incoming alterator voltage and the bus bar voltage should me identical.
  2. The phase angle of the two altornators should be equal.
  3. Voltage of the infinite bus bar and the incoming machine should be same.
  4. Frequecy of the altornators should be same.

Some Important Terms:

Phase Sequence: The order in which each phase voltages attain a positive peak is called Phase Sequence.

Phase: It is defined as the position of the waveform at a fraction of time.


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