ME and MC Engine Constructional difference


The following elements of the typical MC engine are replaced by the electro-hydraulic control systems of the ME engine:

  • Chain drive for camshaft
  • Camshaft with fuel cams, exhaust cams and indicator cams
  • Fuel pump actuating gear, including roller guides and reversing mechanism
  • Conventional fuel pressure booster and VIT system
  • Exhaust valve actuating gear and roller guides
  • Engine driven starting air distributor
  • Electronic governor with actuator
  • Regulating shaft
  • Engine side control console
  • Mechanical cylinder lubricators.

The Engine Control System of the ME engine comprises:

  • Control units
  • Hydraulic power supply unit
  • Hydraulic cylinder units, including:
  • Electronically controlled fuel injection, and
  • Electronically controlled exhaust valve activation
  • Electronically controlled starting air valves
  • Electronically controlled auxiliary blowers
  • Integrated electronic governor functions
  • Tacho system
  • Electronically controlled Alpha lubricators.

The ME engine concept consists of a servo-hydraulic system for activation of the fuel oil injection and the exhaust valves. The actuators are electronically controlled by a number of control units forming the ‘engine control system’.

The fuel injection is accomplished by pressure boosters which are mechanically simpler than the fuel pumps on conventional MC engines. The fuel plunger on the ME engine is driven by a piston actuated with pressurized control oil from an electronically controlled proportional valve as the power source. Also, the exhaust valve is opened hydraulically and closed by an air spring, as on the MC engine.


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