What is the Function of Inducer in Turbocharger?

turbocharger operation diagram

The inducer in the turbocharger is the smaller part of the compressor wheel that sucks ambient filtered air parallel with the driven shaft compresses it and pushes it out the perpendicular bore of the inducer horn.

The smaller side of the compressor wheel, which is the inlet side of the compressor wheel or front, is the inducer

To direct the flow of fresh air towards the center an inducer made of light alloy aluminum steel is fitted just before the impeller.

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TurboCharger Inducer and Exducer

The main function of inducer in turbocharger are:

  1. To feed the shock less airflow to the impeller of the turbocharger.
  2. To boost atmospheric air to a higher pressure.
  3. To guide the air smoothly into the eye of the impeller.

The inducer diameter is defined as the diameter where the air enters the wheel, whereas the exducer diameter is defined as the diameter where the air exits the wheel. Based on aerodynamics and air entry paths, the inducer for a compressor wheel is a smaller diameter.


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