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How to prepare for Synergy Exam 2024 (Engine Cadet): Check Tips & Tricks to Crack Synergy Exam

Synergy Exam Preparation: Every year Ship Management Company conducts their exam for recruiting of Trainee Marine Engineer and deck cadets. It is a merit-based transparent exam for seafarers that gives trainees an equal opportunity.

How to prepare for Synergy Exam 2022

  1. Check the Synergy Exam syllabus 2022
  2. Understand Synergy Exam pattern
  3. Analyze Synergy Exam previous year question papers
  4. Select best books for Synergy Exam 2022 technical preparation
  5. Make a timetable for studying with dedicated time for each subject and revision
  6. Revise regularly what you study
  7. Solve mock test papers and non-technical questions regularly

There are 5 sections in the Synergy Exam with a total of 200 questions carrying 1 mark each.

Question Paper Pattern for Engine Cadet:

Synergy Exam Syllabus
Synergy Exam Syllabus

Technical Section

Section A consists of 100 technical questions from the marine engineering syllabus covering a vast variety of topics.

Testing Areas for knowledge: (100 questions)
Marine IC Engines (IMP)
All Marine Auxiliary machinery. (IMP)
Machine design and drawing
Basic Ship construction and Naval architecture.
Fire Safety- Knowledge of basic firefighting equipment
Materials and metallurgy
Basic Electricity and Electronics.
Basic Physics and Chemistry.

In this section try to focus more on the Maine IC, Marine Auxilary, and Electrical subjects as most of the questions are asked from these subjects only and it will also help you in the interview.

Synergy Exam Previous year Question Paper

Here are some of the previous year’s Questions asked in Synergy exams.

You download some of the Synergy Exam Previous year Question papers from the following links


Non Technical Section

Most people do not prepare and practice for the reasoning questions which also carry 100 marks so this section becomes most important as you have chances of scoring more marks than someone who is very strong in the technical part.

So this section is very much important.

Before solving and practicing these questions you must learn some tricks to solve these questions as this will help you to save your time otherwise you won’t be able to complete all the questions on time.

Here are some of the videos that you must watch.

For Spatial Reasoning Questions
Mechanical Reasoning Questions
Numerical Reasoning

You must watch similar types of videos on youtube to get a better understanding of the question and how to solve them easily in less time.

Here are some of the websites where you can prepare your aptitude questions for Synergy Exams.

Practice Set A

  1. Click here to take TEST 1
  2. Click here to take TEST 2
  3. Click here to take TEST 3
  4. Click here to take TEST 4
  5. Click here to take TEST 5
  6. Click here to take TEST 6
  7. Click here to take TEST 7

Practice Set B

How to crack Synergy Exam 2024?

The best way to crack Synergy Shipping Exam is through regular preparation and practice. If you complete your technical part properly and practice the non-technical part regularly then you will definitely crack the Synergy Exam.

How do I apply for synergy Exam 2024?

You can easily apply for the Synergy exams on their official website. Eligible candidates need to fill out the registration form on theirĀ official website. The company will post updates regarding their exams.

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