What all items should the Firefighter outfit should contain?


Fireman’s outfit should contain the following:-

  • A fire-fighter’s outfit shall consist of a set of personal equipment and a breathing apparatus.

Personal equipment shall consist of the following:-

  • (a) Protective clothing of material to protect the skin from the heat radiating from the fire and from burns and scalding by steam. The outer surface shall be water-resistant;
  • (b) Boots of rubber or other electrically non-conducting material;
  • (c) Rigid helmet providing effective protection against impact; 
  • (d) Electric safety lamp (hand lantern) of an approved type with a minimum burning period of 3 hours. Electric safety lamps on tankers and those intended to be used in hazardous areas shall be of an explosion-proof type1; and 
  • (e) Axe with a handle provided with high-voltage insulation.

– Breathing apparatus shall be a self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus for which the volume of air contained in the cylinders shall be at least 1,200 L or other self-contained breathing apparatus which shall be capable of functioning for at least 30 min. All air cylinders for breathing apparatus shall be interchangeable. Compressed air breathing apparatus shall be fitted with an audible alarm and visual or other devices which will alert the user before the volume of the air in the cylinder has been reduced to no less than 200 L.

For each breathing apparatus, a fireproof lifeline of at least 30 m in length shall be provided. The lifeline shall successfully pass an approval test by a statical load of 3.5 kN for 5 min without failure. The lifeline shall be capable of being attached by means of a snap-hook to the harness of the apparatus or to a separate belt in order to prevent the breathing apparatus from becoming detached when the lifeline is operated.


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